The Mobile App Development Trends of 2017: What’s Next?


2017 has good news in store for any mobile app development company. According to estimates by technological experts, mobile applications are expected to witness new trends and developments in the coming year. Due to the present as well the new markets for mobile applications, the app industry is anticipated to increase manifold in terms of net worth in the year 2017. Tracking the rapid advancement in the evolution of mobile app development, here are some new trends that are expected to get the ball rolling in the coming year:

AR Is the Talk of the Tech Town

With the global hype generated by Pokémon Go, virtual and augmented reality apps are expected to become one of the most talked about development in mobile apps. Several applications are to implement AR and VR will cause unseen advancements in the way users interact with application. Considered to be unreal promotional tools for several years, AR and VR application developments are something to watch out for in 2017.

A Surge in the Importance of Application Security

The quantity and the sensitive nature of data stored by users on their mobile devices demands better handing of application security by developers. 2017 is expected to witness a record rise in the importance of smartphone security. Apps with built-in, advanced security features will surface and will change the way virtual security is currently thought of. As such, you need to invest in more than just a web design company.

An Increase in Location Based Services

Owing to the easy use of GPS on all mobile devices, applications that provide location based services are meant to grow rapidly in the coming year. These will provide real-time details and information about the user’s current whereabouts. Some areas in which location based services (LBS) are expected to find use are travel and tourism, location-specific payment portals, and retail offers. A mobile app development company should take note of this.

A Boom in the IoT App Industry

The growth of IoT apps is expected to continue unhindered in 2017. Due to the integration of IoT apps in day-to-day life, these have gained attention from several technology giants. The application of this app ranges over varied areas from security to transportation and from education to health. The experiments with IoT have been encouraging in the past year and it is expected to gain more ground in the coming months. Even a web development and web design company should notice this because IoT web apps also exist.

As is apparent, the mobile application world is set to introduce new advancements and improvements in the coming year. The world of technology must brace itself to use and experience applications and their newly introduced features that were only dreamt of until now.

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