Tips to Create Value from Above-the-Fold Content on the Website’s Homepage

It’s quite a common phenomena that when a particular website is opened by a user and he/she immediately shuts it down as it doesn’t match his/her requirements or taste at the very first sight. The reason behind that is the website’s greeting content was unsatisfactory for the user and users these days are always in a rush. They don’t prefer to spend time on unattractive sites. The first view of the wesbite which the users see is called ‘above-the-fold’ and it’s of utmost importance to keep this part very interesting so that users tend to scroll down further and explore more about the business and what it has to offer. The following tips are necessary to keep in mind while creating the homepage layout design: 1. Headline – The introductory line to any website should be prominent, short, crisp and should describe your business well. It should be solution-giving for the visitors to your website at the first glance. 2. Sub-headline – Below your headline, a sub-headline can be given to further explain the products/services on offer. It should be a brief description and it should be effective to catch the attention of the website visitor. 3. Primary call-to-action – There should be a prominent call-to-action button which would direct the visitors to carry out some activity or take the user to the next step. Highlighted buttons like “call us now” or “click to know more” can be very effective. In our day-to-day lives we always find it easy if there are directions to guide us about the next step, then why not provide the same to the website visitor? 4. Using images or videos – Images or videos are always more effective to retain attention than plain text. Using relevant images or attractive videos always proves to be effective. 5. Logo – The business logo should be sleek, professional and creative. The logo is the identity of the brand. Just as the first impression of an individual is very crucial so is the logo for any brand. An attractive logo entices the visitors. 6. Navigation bar – The navigation bar acts as the roadmap to the website. It should guide the visitors to the important pages in the site. It should run from left to right with clear page titles. It should be placed in above-the-fold area in the homepage which would be prominently visible to the visitor. If these points are followed, then the website would perform well and would give the business the right returns for which it was created. At Matrix Media, the designers create websites, keeping these in mind. Conatct us today for highly effective websites.

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