Top 4 Modern SEO Tips for New Websites

Top 4 Modern SEO Tips for New Websites

If you’re about to launch a new website or have already launched one then one thing should be kept in mind – Success does not come overnight! To really be at the top of your game, you need to wait and take the right marketing measures for your website to become visible to niche audiences. However, in the competitive sphere of the digital world every second count. This is why to push forward the ability to enhance website visibility the trick is effective SEO! But, How to go about that? What are the tactics used by top-rated digital marketers? Are these questions looming in your mind? No worries! This blog has coined some of the futuristic SEO tips that are ideal for the success of the progressive website. Keep Reading,
  1. Start with Low-Competition Keywords
At the very beginning when you launch a website remember that it has less hold on Google. As a result, it’ll naturally rank low in comparison to a competitor’s website that uses highly targeted keywords. Now, while targeting these ‘high competitive’ keywords might be the first instinct you have, the trick is to target low key keywords. These less competitive keywords will work to generate at least some amount of traffic to websites that can help you ease your way into the marketing game. Once you are in, you can gradually work to implement the right keyword via using Google’s Keyword Planner.
  1. Write Headlines for Searchers, Not SERP
One thing old marketers did were utilizing titles that would be ideal for SERP’s. Now, being featured at the top of SERPs might just get users to your page. However, the trick is to make them stay and click on your website blog or post. To do that you need to make sure you are writing headlines for blogs which are compelling and catchy. Along with that write good content to make sure there are fewer chances of bounce rate issues. Bounce rate is bad for website traffic and results in Google pushing down your site on SERP.
  1. Optimize Images
Loads of audiences are looking for a product or service via doing an image search. Thus, when they see something they find useful they directly visit the website through Google’s image results. This is why if you’re a B2C marketer it is wise to optimize the image to boost ranking options. To do this, ask your respective SEO Company to add a few words to the alt text tag. Consider the following example: <img src=“image-of-handmade-sweaters.png” alt=“Comfortable homemade sweaters” />
  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
As you’re already aware by the end of the 20th century the importance of phone screens will surpass computer screens. This is why all modern marketers of today vehemently need to invest in making mobile-friendly web pages that load quickly. This is why brand marketers need to invest in accelerated mobile pages, which are frivolous versions of web pages designed to load quickly on websites. These AMP help a website to rank high on SERPs as Google now considers mobile-friendly websites as a potential ranking factor. On this note, follow these 4 tips effectively while making sure your website has a user-friendly UI and UX for gaining maximum traffic. Good luck!  

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