Top 6 WordPress SEO Plugins to Utilize for More Traffic

Top 6 WordPress SEO Plugins to Utilize for More Traffic

Everyone likes to be on top and websites are no exception. A website that sits at the top of SERP’s garners an exponential amount of organic traffic. Today, various users and digital marketing experts are utilizing SEO tips and guidelines to optimize content for search engines. One of the most frequently used options is Content Management Systems, like WordPress. With its spontaneous interface and easy to install themes, WordPress provides the option of more than thousand plug-ins to help optimize a website like none other. However, with WordPress plug-ins being free and plentiful, often user’s face the confusion of which to pick. Hence, today this blog will point out the 6 most effective WordPress plugins to install for augmenting a website for search engines. Let’s Begin: 1. WordPress Yoast SEO Plug-In The all-inclusive solution to every on-site SEO needs, Yoast allows one to add meta keywords, SEO titles and meta descriptions to each page and posts on your website. Further, while updating a website one can add Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, Open Graph etc. to content. 2. Broken Line Checker While writing a blog, it makes it convenient for a user to stay alert in case of dealing with links that are broken or ineffective. With WordPress Broken Line Checker, users can get notifications about broken links. This helps prevent the chances of broken links hampering the page rank of a website. 3. Google Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planner is one of the most essential SEO plug-ins which is provided by WordPress. Based on organic SEO competition, search volumes and commercial demand, Google Keyword Planner lists out the most popular keywords to implement in an advertisement campaign. Users can gather an idea about the type of keywords to implement and use them in their content to make it SEO optimized. 4. SEO Optimized Images WordPress also allows the option of inserting SEO optimized images to your blogs and content. By inserting SEO-accepted “title” and “alt” it doesn’t end up changing the original database either and hence, images are made SEO friendly. 5. W3 Total Cache This SEO plug-in is comprised of websites that use SSL and are mobile friendly. This plugin is useful if you wish to improve the overall ranking of your website, reduce download time and boost performance. 6. All in One WP Security & Firewall Normally, security glitches aren’t a big problem when dealing with WordPress. However, with the increasing number of hackers and digital bugs around taking necessary precautions is fundamental. Hence, this WordPress’s in One Wp Security & Firewall reduces the risk and vulnerabilities of making the website susceptible to possible glitches. Additionally, this plug-in doesn’t even slow down the website thus making it ideal for security and smooth functioning of the site. Now, among the thousand available WordPress plugins, these above 6 are the most reliable and SEO friendly ones to install. Now, let your website feature at the top of the SERP, just optimize the content and create authentic write-ups that are useful and easy to read. To get a better idea of SEO and its use for your business, get in touch with Matrix Media Solutions today!

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