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When you are in business, selling quality products reaches optimum importance. However, without a stunning website at your disposal, it is nearly impossible to grab the attention of your prospective customers. With the decreasing attention span of new age people, you have even less time to strike a chord with your customers. Want to know how Matrix Travel and Tourism Website makes this impossible possible? Check the smart features of our site.

Search Filters

Straight forward search filters of our website make the job of your audience easy. With the help of our website filters, now they can search for the travel details that suit your taste and budget.

Predictive Search

The predictive search features of our website that offers search suggestions to your audience. For example, if your prospective customers search for a city, our predictive search result will offer them with the name of the hotels within that city.

Breathtaking Images

It is hard to imagine a travel and tourism website without breathtaking images of exotic places. Our website can also feature hand-picked beautiful pictures of different countries and places. If you want, you can display a handful of bigger images and hundreds of smaller thumbnails through our website.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have become one of the most essential parts of the travel industry. Through our website, you can display the reviews and comments of the travelers about different places and accommodations. This reviews will keep your website updated and bring more customers as well.

Personalized experience

With the help of our website, you can offer travelers a more personalized experience. The travelers can create their account and also make a list of their favorite destinations. This list will help the customers to remember the destinations that fancied them.

Simple Calendars

The simple calendar of our website makes travel plan creation easier for the customers. With the help of the calendar, they can choose the arrival and departure dates.
Travel and tourism sites thrive on different interesting travel content. Empowered by our smart website, you can create interesting travel and tourism-related content for your audience so that they come back to your site again and again. Interesting travel content will also reduce the bounce rate and improve the search ranking of the site.

Google Map Integration

It is always interesting to see the places you are about to visit on a responsive map. Google map integration enables our website to help you see the places you want to visit on a map along with arresting pictures.

Simple Payment Features

The checkout procedure of our website is simple and helps the travelers to complete their payment within minutes. The registration form is also pretty simple so that the travelers don’t have to waste much time to fill it up.

Simple Pricing Table

Our website helps you to build a simple pricing table so that the travelers don’t get confused with the hidden charges and taxes. Our pricing table will help you to engage the customers and help them to compare and choose the appropriate package.
Technology Used to Create the Website: WordPress, Custom PHP, .NET (Kentico)

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