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From waking up in the morning with an alarm; to communicating with everyone using apps like Whatsapp, Messenger; to a constant source of streaming music; to be updated with the latest news; to checking emails; the smartphones have taken an indispensable space in the lives of all. It has become the primary focus of all the day-to-day activities.

With this level of dependability on smartphones, the culture of using apps is here to stay for a long time to come. All businesses are turning to make mobile apps for giving their customers a better access to the products/services on offer. The mobile app development trends which are very popular now are discussed below:

The landscape of web apps being changed by accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

The web apps which are supported by Google AMP will load at a faster rate on the different mobile devices and would also reduce the bounce rate significantly. The publishers would also be benefitted with better visibility of ads and increased number of visitors.

Rule of AR and VR

The concepts of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been extremely popular in the gaming industry. Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift is gaining much popularity. AR application development is very popular and would play a crucial role in the times to come.

Artificial Intelligence has entered the zone

By using advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces and machine learning; AI would emerge as a significant provider to businesses with strong insights which were previously not available. Some of the popular AI apps such as Siri, Google Assistant are expected to keep this application development trend alive in the future.

The rise of cloud-driven mobile apps

Cloud computing has become very crucial with the mobile apps. More powerful mobile apps which are enabled to collect data from the cloud and take the least amount of space in the smartphone’s internal memory are also expected to grow. Google Drive, Dropbox is the beginning of a new era.

Enterprise apps and micro-apps will proceed further

The primary aim of an enterprise mobile application is to enable the restructuring, streamlining and managing crucial business needs. Micro-apps are helpful in fulfilling targetted operations and to bear lesser loads. The owners of businesses have found the enterprise apps to be of great advantage.

These were some of the popular trends in mobile app development in 2018 which would be beneficial during the later times to come as well.

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