Tricks to Make Your Website Viral

Tricks to Make Your Website Viral

Getting viral is one of the best ways to reach more people in less time. But, you can’t really plan a way to make a website go viral. Some people think that creating a Facebook page and publishing great paid posts is the secret of getting viral. This road is fairly cheap, but not that easy. Getting viral in social media is hard, and if you do get viral, then the success is equally short-lived. Now let’s think, is making your website go viral is really that hard? To answer this question, you first have to know what viral content is and how it can make things better for your website or blog. Understand the basics, and get relevant tips from the following section. What Does Going Viral Mean? Going viral means becoming overwhelmingly popular. It means when something on the internet (it might be a social media post, a blog post, a website, or a video) becomes so popular that it spreads like wildfire among the netizens. During the viral days, the content behaves like an actual virus. If you get in touch with the content, you can’t help but be affected. Take the ice bucket challenge for example. It is one of the most viral contents of recent time. However, as you have been told, viral contents have a short life span. The ALS Association is still fighting its cause, but, the fervor of the ice bucket challenge for the association has died down as suddenly as it had started. Getting Inspired from Viral Content People think that getting to the top position of Google search ranking is very easy. If you have ever faced such demands from your clients, you should tell them about the heavy works it takes to get to that top position. If anyone wants their site to get viral, then you should tell them about the short life of virality. It is your duty to educate your customers, and guide them to the right path. Saying that there are some tricks of designing the website which can keep your dream to make the site viral alive.  In this way, you will be able to set the website up for a sweeping success which can last for a long time. Think it is impossible? Here are ways to create a website which might get viral over time. Start with Personal Visual Element Everything that rings the emotional bells of people has some sort of natural and personal touch to it. Think about any recent viral content, and you will be able to find a personal touch there. Every viral element tries to draw the attention of people with a personal element right from the beginning. So, on your website, you should always use some visual images that speak directly to the audiences. It is better if you could add some levity to the image. This slight humour will inject the information about your website into the minds of the audience. Make sure that all your ads and social media posts also have the same humorous touch. Make It Difficult To Look Away Have you ever seen a boring viral content? No. To become viral, the content must be attractive and attention-grabbing. It is true that typography and designing can grab the attention of the audience, but, is it enough to retain the attention for long? Most probably no.So, you have to create something which is able to grab the attention of the audience as well as retain it. To achieve that, a little bit of gimmick is okay. But too much of it might not make things right. Remember, the gimmicks only work for a very short time. If you are selling something for a very short period, say for 24 hours, there’s no harm in going overboard. But, things might get sour, if you retain the same gimmicky style for longer. Better, woo your audience with subtle humor and personal touch. Don’t think twice about giving them a good surprise. A good surprise is the best way to bring delight to the audience which will make them hook to your website. Push Boundaries If you are trying to make your website viral then risk is unavoidable. This lesson should be remembered at the time of designing the website also. If you are to make a huge splash, then you have to tread on the territory that no one has gone to. The example of The New York Times Is the best fit for this situation. In early 2012, The New York Times broke all the previous ideas about online news publication. The tactics that the Snow Fall piece used are still relevant to this date. At that time, it gave The New York Times sweeping attention of everyone. This should be your goal as well. You have to think about creating something which will last for a long time. Don’t break the boundaries for the sake of making a stir for today. Push it to make the designs better and the user experience wilder. So, whenever your client asks for an overnight success, tell them that infecting their brand with a viral exuberance is not a good thing. Their goal should be to have long term success. Don’t become something which is super popular today and long forgotten tomorrow. That said, you should neither say that your design will make their site go viral. Explain to them what you are trying, and make them understand the value of organic sharing and long term desirability.

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