Useful Tools for Better Content Management

Useful Tools for Better Content Management

Each and every day thousands of newer tools are mushrooming up in the internet. Many of these tools are meant to help you manage content better. Though it is true that a good tool can invariably help you in managing contents, it is almost impossible to find a good one in the ocean of different tools. So, to help you out, here are some of the newer, lesser known and better tools for the content managers. Check the list below to get stay ahead of the curve. Zoho Cliq Communication is more than just words. Successful communication involves tonal temperament, body language, and many other nonverbal cues we give while communicating. In this place, all the messaging apps come futile. Zoho Cliq is one of the cheapest tools which let you have the highest functionality on the price. Giving this fact, why is this product the perfect fit of the marketers? It is simply it gives them the freedom of having both audio and video conferencing. The app has many other features like group messaging, private messaging, board messaging, unlimited storage etc. If you have money problems, use the free version. It offers way more features to the users than any other apps. Samepage This tool has a somewhat resemblance to Cliq. However, Samepage has some elaborate features in product launching and campaigning of products. Using this tool, you can collaborate with your team, stream social media updates, and share updates with your clients. With the help of this tool, you can tag and sort priority levels of the tasks. You can also control the campaign manes and dates without taking much hassle. With just a few clicks, you can now create and share presentations. The text and video messaging features of this tool let you be in touch with your associates all the time. You can divide all the clients and their works in different groups using this tool. This grouping ensures that all the works in every front are going smoothly. This hyper-focus on different tasks might be the boost that your team was looking for a long time. This tool is cheaper than many other tools of this caliber. As the free version of this app has a lot of features, you can get a good look at them before actually purchasing it. Teamwork As the name suggests, this app is perfect for mid to large companies around the world. The efficacy of this app has been appreciated by the companies, such as Disney, Forbes, Spotify, PayPal etc. Are you impressed by the clientele of the app? It truly can be the single reason for you to try this app. However, if you have a big and robust team, then this tool can work well for you too. The app will make sure that your diverse marketing team is working on the same tune. You can track all the areas of project management, including the milestone tracking, time tracking, and client portal. Using the group chat feature of this tool, the members of your team can share ideas and collaborate with each other over different creative matters. This tool is a good one to lessen the administrative burdens of a content marketing manager. Gantt charts, high-level reports and other types of analytics help you to measure your progress with ease. Small companies can also have a look at the offerings of this tool. The free version is available up to 5 members of a company. The per person cost structure and the enterprise level cost structure has made this app more attractive to the content marketers. Fleep This tool has proved its value to the content curators as well as the marketing experts. The native task management feature of the app helps you to stay focused on the task in hand. The app cuts out the noise and helps you to decide what to do and what to say on different matters. In this app, you will find different features of information sharing like discussion boards, file sharing, document management, and so on. Its pinboard feature is useful for both pinning down the ideas and slowly turning it into a task. As it is an open platform, you can communicate with anyone who has Fleep installed in their devices. These are currently the best marketing-minded tools. Pick any one to enhance the connectivity and reduce your work stress. Check the features of each of these tools to understand which one will suit better to your particular demands.  

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