Website Design is Invaluable in Digital Marketing: Find out Why

Website Design is Invaluable in Digital Marketing: Find out Why

Back in the days, businesses got away with making skeleton websites and filling them with blogs stuffed with keywords. However, times have changed; the progressive search engines of today, like Google and Bing, are all about enhanced user satisfaction. This means, suppose one has a website for business or creative pursuit, yet he/she hasn’t garbed it well enough, chances are his/her website won’t get any traffic. This is a major blow in any digital marketing strategy. The website is the face of a digital marketing campaign; you need to put forward your best foot to impress clients, and that means you need to cajole customers to you first. This is where web design comes in; encompassing a horde of variables like graphics, SEO, layout, color, conversion rate, and content, etc. web design gives a concrete feel and purpose to any digital marketing plan. Further, a well-designed website makes it easier for its audience to navigate it, thus improving CTR’s. In fact, if you’re still not convinced, go through this blog and discover why website design is invaluable for digital marketing. Read on: SEO Friendly A customer friendly website is an SEO friendly one that is likely rank high on SERPs. Now, website design plays a vital role in determining the SEO friendliness of that site. The major SEO factors to consider in this aspect are:
  • The load time of the website
  • The website’s mobile friendliness
  • Link structuring and site navigation abilities
  • Strategic placement of Call-to-Actions
  • Link structuring
If these are maintained properly in any website design, it’ll help contribute to an SEO friendly website that will likely rank well. Efficient UI/UX for Increased Sales Assuming that you have an E-commerce business website, authentic web design is fundamental for boosting sales. Remember, your website is the first interaction with your target audience, so it’s fundamental that you impress them. The website’s UI/UX must, therefore, persuade your audience with the right style, layout, product description, image, graphics, etc. to invest in the product/service displayed. This way a properly optimized and designed website will work to generate leads, and retain customers thus, strengthening your digital marketing strategy. Increased Mobile Use The cellphone has become the extra limb in the 21st century. Today thanks to the readily available internet connection, most online users browse the website via cell phones. In fact, 90% of the world’s population by the end of 2020 will likely be using cell phones. Hence, mobile-friendly websites are in great demand, and instrumental to any digital marketing plan. A good website design, therefore, must encompass responsible mobile design. This means its pages should be optimized for all screen sizes along with having less load time, shorter browsing sessions and improved user UI. Strong Brand Identity Another reason why strong website design is fundamental for digital marketing is that it sends a message. A website that uses intuitive color themes, font, consistency, and placement, works well impress clients and deliver to them exactly what they need. This helps to create images and visuals that evoke among the audience the right experiences and emotions, that cajole them to surf a website. Furthermore, a unique website design separate’s your brand from other similar brands and helps your site stand out. This is why it is very essential that you first consider website design before initiating your digital marketing plan. Additionally, for more information regarding authentic web design services contact professionals at Matrix Media Solutions. We have all the know-how and the tools of the trade to customize your website as per your requirements. To know more drop by at

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