What’s Hot in Web Design In 2018?

Differing opinions on what’s “in” and what’s outdated is a highly sensitive issue when it comes to web designing techniques. Creativity follows no trends as per many experts. The fresh creative choices we make shape the path of “trends”.

You either follow them or break the trends to develop a new trend. Some of those to look out for in 2018 are as follows:

Use of Broken grid layouts

To allow the images and elements of the text to hover around outside the set grid layouts which may appear to be an erroneous step but if incorporated carefully can become a creative approach.

More Oblique Shapes

The cards used on the most popular apps use rounded edges, input boxes etc. The backgrounds featuring dramatic designs and shapes are becoming the focal point of designs. It needs to be a healthy mix of right angles and the rounded edges.

Focus on Illustrations

The illustrators will need to create magic in product designs and in the marketing concepts. Videos are all the rage now and newer and more innovative concepts need to be implemented to make the end product significant.

Inducing motion and interaction

To make the information on a page/website more engaging to the masses, animations can be included or a form which would focus on conversion can be added to attract the attention of the visitors.

No More Clean designs

Maximalism is the new motto for the websites. Clean designs are not impressive enough and sites focus on designing with loads of elements to not let the viewer leave the page easily.

Going Big On Videos

If you want to attract visitors to your website then it would be mandatory to include videos. The brain registers what the eyes see! The more attractive that is, the more fruitful it becomes.

Use of Various Fonts

There’s a huge availability of typefaces which has developed a keen interest in typography. With the release of variable fonts, it will be fun to create typography of websites.

The emergence of CSS Grids

The grid layouts in CSS will continue to grow. The rows and columns will define the developer’s role in creating the website.

The rise of UX Writers

Innovation in the content of the UIs will make or break the face of the pages. The act of writing copy for user-facing touchpoints is all about UX writing. This copy should not only express the company’s voice but it should be of utmost use to the user.

Systematized Designs

The long-drawn battle of design vs. content, content is sure of importance but a systemized design will simplify and cut down on the development time which should be in-sync with the content delivered. That will retain the aesthetics of the brand and create an interesting UI.

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