What’s in Store after Adobe’s Acquisition of Magento?

A big news in the digital world now is that digital giant Adobe has acquired ecommerce specialist Magento for a whopping $1.68 billion. With this move Adobe has become a formidable competitor to SAP, Oracle and Salesforce. The predictions for this move are as the following:

Content and Commerce to go Hand-in-hand

According to the current scenario, these two are different systems and technologies which will co-exist through Adobe’s commerce framework or through custom solutions in the short-term. Now, Adobe has a reputation of smartly integrating the new technology into their own system. They are likely to use the same ability in this case. Adobe customers can get access to fully integrated solution that might come with using the Experience Cloud.

Combining Mid-market and Enterprise

Adobe has been serving a big enterprise customer-base. Magento has used the mid-market and both the brands had aspirations to cross-pollinate. With this merger, it’s not clear whether they will share their dominance in both the markt eswhere they operated or will focus in any one. Certainly, there will be renewed interest in Adobe due to the commerce component that has been added in, there will be a purchasing delay as there will be a wait for test cases. The vision of Adobe of experience-based business will remain an asset which will keep it ahead of its competitors like Salesforce and IBM.

Dual advantage of Maturity and Innovation

Magento has a strong network of developers who had a major contribution to its open source platform. But will Adobe leverage the community of Magento developers remains to be seen. Whether Magento will be able to utilize and keep up with the technology of Adobe is also a mystery.

With this merger, Magento’s transactional element has come into the mix. What is left to be seen is how far will it go in providing both B2B and B2C experiences? The expectations are high and the future has a lot to offer.

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