What’s new in web development?

Technologies used in web development are changing at a fast pace. As the expectations of the customers are ever-rising, the websites and solutions which are provided by the web-based companies also need to be at par with this rising demand, to compete with their rivals.

The year 2018 has had many significant accomplishments in the field of web developement which many customers would prefer to add to their projects. Some of them are:

The internet of things(IoT)

IoT means interconnecting the different products, devices, applications and processes. All these items have an embedded system which can be controlled and connected to other devices or the website by using internet. These devices may include home appliances, medical monitoring equipments and many other components which make use of data and sensors. This year can result in a massive year for devices which use internet of things. It would go much beyond controlling the device settings, manufacturing and other products of business which require real-time analytics.

Using HTML5 and not Flash

After the start of smartphones and tablets, the expiry of Flash was already predicted by experts. The websites which are using Flash yet are not getting the expected traffic. It has become an outdated technology which is incompatible with maximum mobile devices. The best alternative in this case is HTML5. It’s hugely used for the development of digital content, videos and games.

Using chatbots for customer service

When the customers have queries, they expect quick response. So, instead of using a dedicated customer service department, the chatbots can be used in the websites for assistance of the customers 24/7. The chatbots would become more efficient with time and experience. Eventually they will be programmed to perform like an individual and would take up the personality of the brands.


Many international chains of banks have considered using blockchain in their work. It has just opened its wings but it has been pinned to have various applications in many industries, even in the governance, health care and the banking sector. Companies are very much aware of the growth of blockchain technology.

Incorporation of newer technologies is what companies constantly aim for. So, while restructuring a site the emerging technologies must be used. By inducing these developments the websites, and these companies will be able to stay ahead of competition.

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