Which are the iPad apps that would make the lives of designers easier?

There’s always a lot on the designers’ plates. Their job involves ideation of concepts, sending them to the clients, the execution of those ideas and keeping themselves updated about the latest developments in their domain. A mobile smart device in the form of an iPad proves to be really helpful in their job. The iPads assist designers to ideate, design or draw concepts on-the-go, they have multiple apps. These apps make the work of designers much more efficient and smooth. Below listed are some of the apps: Adobe Illustrator Draw This app helps the designers in creating, designing and editing the vector artworks. This app provides many pen tips, styluses, layer supports and can be availed in various languages. Working in tandem with its cousin apps, it allows the designers to send the illustrations to Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for further work. It can also be connected to Adobe Capture CC for new vector shapes for the drawings. Concepts It’s another application which helps in designing professionally or fulfill requirements of sketching. It provides support for infinite layers and also the options of a quick touch-up. Features like infinite canvas, libraries of objects, organic brushes, responsive vector engine and many more are also available. It is clean and the interface is intuitive along with its set of markers, pens, pencils and wires which feature adjustable strokes. Multiple formats are supported on it and it’s available in more than ten languages. Noteshelf This app allows the designers to handwrite notes in almost all possible ways. It also lets them add audio recordings, sketch drawing, pictures to the notes. The other features which can be utilized are the annotations of PDFs, form fill-up, documents printing and many more. Various personalization features and pre-designed options are also available. Adobe Comp CC This app allows designers to create layouts while on the move, both for graphics and web design purposes. Features like photos and shapes with fonts which are free are also available. This app lets the designers begin a layout and then share it to other products from the Adobe stable like InDesign, Illustrator, Muse and Photoshop. It also functions with services like Creative Cloud and CreativeSync. More than 15 languages are supported on this app. These apps can prove to be a boon for the designers who have to deliver their task swiftly. The various features would make their work not only faster but also effective for the clients.

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