Which Frameworks to use for Mobile Hybrid Apps?

Hybrid apps run on Android and iOS and developers are happy about it as it can be reused for progressive web applications. There are various frameworks which help in creating great mobile hybrid applications, some of which are:

Xamarin – Xamarin tools can be used to create native Android, iOS apps with native user interfaces and the code can be shared across multiple platforms like Windows and MacOS. It saves the time with reusing abilities, tools, teams.

PhoneGap – It is the most popular cross-platform network for mobile hybrid app development. It is an open source network of Cordova frameowork. Using PhoneGap the existing web development skills can be reused to create hybrid applications built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript suited for different platforms.

Intel XDK – Different web services and plugins for content-heavy, responsive apps that run on all devices are included in this framework. It supports development, emulation, testing, debugging and publishing. Providing a live preview on the device which is connected while development is on is another feature.

Ionic Framework – It is an open-source for hybrid mobile app development. It allows development of hybrid apps using CSS, HTML5 and Sass. It is free and would always be free. Features like Bluetooth, HealthKit, Finger Print Auth are included. Their CLI can be used to create, build, test or send the Ionic apps on any platform.

Framework 7 – It’s a free and open-source mobile HTML framework. It provides the opportunity to create apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It focuses only on iOS and Google Material design. Features like native scrolling, page transition animation, multiple views support, caching, preloading and more.

Appcelerator Titanium – It mixes the development areas provided by Xamarin and PhoneGap. Some of its native features can be supported by using a custom XML and this app’s API. Although it provides full support for Android and iOS but it does not include CSS and HTML. Titanium uses Alloy which is an MVC framework to support fast development of mobile apps.

A hybrid model will save your precious time and will need lesser efforts. It might not provide all the solutions but hybrid apps can help you deploy the apps faster and in creating prototype applications. In case you are looking for hybrid app development, then please connect with Matrix Media Solutions.

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