Why is Node.js used by Top Companies?

With its emphasis on concurrency, speed and intensive data exchange combined with the use of push technology over web sockets, Node.js has been a part of applications developed by many companies who build social media apps, chat engines, online games and more.

Some of the high-ranking global companies which have used Node.js in order to build their apps are:

Netflix: One of the biggest television networks providing video streaming services and VOD services across the world. Large amounts of A/B testing is being used for running its high-capacity, data-driven platform. Millions of subscribers around the world get a seamless access and enjoy the experience. A lightweight and fast platform like Node.js reduces the startup time by 70%.

LinkedIn: It’s the biggest social networking platform which provides services for business networking and employment search. LinkedIn also uses Node.js as their framework. They changed their mobile-app back end from Ruby on Rails to Node.js. This has been a very effective solution for the company. It’s lighter and faster than its predecessor.

Walmart: With Walmart becoming a big name in the e-commerce space, this journey was accompanied by Node.js which was the framework that they used. The features which Walmart could provide its customers were more sophisticated and it helped in re-engineering their mobile application.

Uber: Uber is the leader in the world of transportation services for customers. Various Node.js tools and programming languages were being used in their app. They keep themselves updated with the latest technological offerings and have been offering many technologies to increse the efficiency of their business model.

NASA: It might be a bit surprising to know that NASA uses Node.js framework. They started using it to assure the safety of the astronauts during the space expeditions. They opted for this technology when one of their astronauts was on the brink of death due to unreliable data that was hosted in different locations. Node.js reduced the number of steps from 28 to 7 involved in the procedure.

PayPal: This online payments platform shifted successfully to Node.js. At the beginning, the development teams had been divided into two groups. One handled the browser-specific code and the other wrote the app layer-specific code. The division into two teams had caused many misunderstandings. Node.js proved to be an ideal solution as it brought together both the browser and server level applications. This helped the developers to react to customer needs effectively.

Various big organizations around the globe are preferring Node.js in their applications. It’s just a matter of time before most of the companies start using it as go-to framework.

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