WordPress Sites and the Security Issue

Security is one of the foremost worries for individuals who plan to self-host WordPress for their Website. It’s pretty clear since no one wants their website, which they have created either for commercial purpose or own reasons to remain susceptible to attacks. Besides, disbelief rises as one search on this topic in Google or other search engines and come across occasions where people accepted that their WordPress sites were hacked numerous times and they were extremely anxious and still trying to find an answer to nullify these undesired advances from unknown forces. In this respect, we would like to say that WordPress have several features that address this problem. Actually, WordPress issues security patches and updates if they find a security error in their features.

The most significant thing to understand is that security is a concern for all websites and not only a problem that revolves around WordPress Websites only. More often than not when a WordPress website gets hacked, the offender is either the plugins that have been used in the website or due to other form of weaknesses. In fact, to function correctly plugins sometime require to be written to or requires executable consent and on certain occasions the plugin developer issues a security patch if they detect a blemish. One needs to straightaway update the concerned plugin; else the website will remain susceptible to outside attacks and in all likelihood will get affected.

One needs to understand that entities or groups with bad intent are always there and would be trying things unanticipated all the time. Hence, in many cases, a problem has to occur before a developer knows that there is really a problem with the developed plugin. So to keep the WordPress website safe, one needs to update their version of WordPress whenever a new update gets released and the same rule is valid for the used plugins. Another advice is to only use plugins from trustworthy developers with proven track records in the market. Also, before downloading and installing plugins, please go to and search for the plugin. See how many times it has been downloaded and how many reviews it has received. By doing so, one will be able to get an idea of whether or not the concerned developer keenly releases updates for the plugin to keep it secured.

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