Benefits of E-commerce from Progressive Web App (PWAs)


Since its introduction in 2015, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) has been considered as a major alternative for native mobile apps. Large enterprises like Alibaba, Walmart, and Twitter have been using PWAs for their high engagement rates. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of PWAs for the e-commerce sector.


Let us first understand some basic features of PWAs that allow businesses to develop web applications that have an interface very similar to any native mobile apps. It uses various web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Although the PWAs run in web browsers, the user gets a native app experience. Some of the typical features of PWAs include offline app access and push notifications. The use of PWAs in the front end can provide fast response rates and connect the same with APIs for the integration of commerce features.


In 2021, mobile commerce has generated almost 54% of the online retail sales revenue. Hence, businesses are looking to have more strategies to improve the mobile e-commerce market. Now coming back to the matter of e-commerce benefits, from PWAs:


  • Get new ways to reach customers: Being one of the best mobile marketing channels, PWAs provide new ways to reach out to customers. In other words, through avenues like push message notifications, it can help to increase the chance for response rate.
  • Offline Usage: As PWAs can operate like native apps, once a page is loaded it can store the information of the same; thereby, allowing users to browse even offline.
  • Better SEO Performance: Search engine crawlers can detect the activities of PWAs just like any typical website. Hence it can work with website SEOs, which unlike native app SEOs have more metrics thus having a better chance to attract traffic.
  • Better Buying experience: With the interface being similar to native apps, PWAs provide a better buying journey experience and a smooth process during checking out. There are additional features like one-tap checkout that fasten the online payment process.
  • Faster development and Lower cost: For creating a PWA, all that is needed is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Hence unlike native apps that require Java or Swift like language, PWAs can be developed in less time and cost.


Overall PWAs can be a good alternative option besides native apps for e-commerce businesses that want to reach out to a specific target audience and find some extra ways to bring more traffic to online stores.


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