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A key solution for transforming transactions and elevating client connections

The Idea

Introducing Masterstroke, an innovative SaaS Based CRM software meticulously designed for streamlined financial client management. The core concept behind this software evolved from the need to create a solution that not only efficiently handles extensive transactions but also serves as a robust lead generation tool, seamlessly converting prospects into valued clients.

The concept aims to embody a state-of-the-art methodology for cultivating leads and seamlessly transitioning them into prospective clients within the context of this fiercely competitive market. From the inception of lead generation to the streamlined management of transactions, this software stands as a testament to a pioneering approach capable of reshaping industry benchmarks, offering a refined and impactful solution.


  1. The development of a custom worksheet presented a notable challenge, particularly in achieving a high degree of customization. A pivotal requirement was the implementation of a feature enabling the intuitive dragging of columns and rows.
  2. The intricacies of the application’s workflow surpassed those of comparable solutions. This software encompassed intricate groupings and subgroupings such as clients, their families, etc.
  3. Accommodating user-specific preferences necessitated a dynamic front-end interface that could be tailored based on individual client requirements.
  4. Adding to the complexity was the nature of the product as a Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform, intensifying the intricacy of its development process.


  1. To achieve an elevated level of customization within the worksheet, we integrated some custom features, which were developed using Vanilla Javascript. Along with Custom jQuery we also incorporated a few elements of Vue.js. This amalgamation of technologies was helpful in crafting a highly tailored user experience.
  2. Addressing the intricate challenge of grouping and subgrouping, we delved into the database layer, developing specific solutions to implement these hierarchical structures. Our approach involved the meticulous creation of custom grouping and subgrouping mechanisms within the database.
  3. At the database level, we adopted a nuanced strategy by combining elements of multi-tenant architecture with single-tenant architecture. This sophisticated blend ensured a robust foundation for scalability and efficiency in accommodating diverse user requirements.

Project Glimpse

Technology Stack

PHP - Laravel



Masterstroke, the innovative SaaS Based CRM software, has proven to be a game-changer in financial client management. The introduction of a custom worksheet with advanced features, including intuitive column dragging, has significantly enhanced user flexibility. The software’s intricate workflow, addressing complex groupings and subgroupings, showcases its adaptability in managing diverse client structures. The dynamic front-end interface allows for seamless customization, meeting individual client preferences with precision.

The incorporation of Custom Vanilla JavaScript, Custom jQuery, and elements of Vue.js has not only facilitated a highly tailored user experience but also ensured the software’s adaptability to evolving industry standards. The database-level solutions for grouping and subgrouping have streamlined hierarchical structures, contributing to efficient data organization. The strategic blend of multi-tenant and single-tenant architecture at the database level has provided scalability and efficiency, reinforcing Masterstroke as a robust Software-As-A-service (SAAS) solution for financial institutions in today’s competitive market.

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