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Achieving higher conversion rates and website traffic through comprehensive performance marketing strategies!

The Idea

Matrix Media Solutions was approached by a new nightclub in Kolkata, India, seeking to establish itself in the market through a performance marketing approach. The client desired a comprehensive performance marketing strategy to amplify their brand presence and significantly increase customer footfall. 

Our objective was to craft a data-driven, digitally-focused campaign that would propel our client to the forefront of Kolkata’s vibrant nightlife scene. By leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and analytics, we aimed to boost visibility, attract a larger audience, and increase customer engagement. Our goal was to position the client as the go-to destination for nightlife enthusiasts in Kolkata, ensuring sustained growth and a prominent market presence.


The nightlife industry in Kolkata is becoming competitive, with several established and emerging nightclubs vying for customer attention. To set our client apart, we had to overcome the following challenges:

  1. Brand Visibility: Despite being prominent, the nightclub faced challenges in maintaining consistent visibility and engagement on digital platforms.
  2. Limited Digital Presence: The nightclub’s existing online presence was underdeveloped, hindering discoverability and engagement with potential customers.
  3. Event Promotion: Organizing and promoting events digitally to ensure high attendance and creating a buzz around each event was a significant challenge.
  4. Resource Management: Coordinating various promotional activities, from social media campaigns to on-ground event coverage, required meticulous planning and execution.


  1. Comprehensive Digital Campaigns: We developed a holistic digital marketing strategy that included the organization of events, social media promotions, WhatsApp marketing, and more. Each aspect of the campaign was designed to complement the other, creating a cohesive promotional effort for the brand.
  2. Social Media Leverage: Through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we promoted the nightclub to increase followers, profile visits, and video views. Our content provided directions to the nightclub, boosting footfall, and included engaging posts to increase calls and overall engagement, enhancing the club’s visibility and interaction with potential customers.
  3. Google Ads: By running targeted Google Ads campaigns, including YouTube ads like skippable, non-skippable, and bumper ads, we increased the nightclub’s search engine visibility. This ensured the club appeared in relevant searches, driving more organic traffic to their website and events.
  4. Digital Flexes and Menu Boards: We designed digital flexes that were displayed across various platforms and physical locations. The menu boards were also revamped to be more visually appealing and aligned with the nightclub’s brand image.
  5. WhatsApp Marketing: We implemented targeted WhatsApp marketing campaigns to reach a more personal level with potential customers. By sending personalized event invites and updates, we ensured higher engagement rates.
  6. Visual Content Creation: We also captured high-quality visuals of the events, which were then used in promotional materials. This not only showcased the nightclub’s vibrant atmosphere but was also enticing for potential customers.
  7. Event Organization: We handled the digital organization of events, from planning to promotion. This included creating event pages, sending out invitations, and managing RSVPs.


The comprehensive performance marketing strategy implemented for the nightclub yielded remarkable results. Our client saw a significant increase in social media followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, significantly boosting online visibility and engagement. Within 3 months, they reached the mark of having 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Footfall increased by 80% as enhanced online directions and promotional efforts drew more customers. Targeted Google Ads, including YouTube ads, successfully improved the nightclub’s search engine presence, driving more organic traffic to their website and events. Personalized WhatsApp marketing campaigns achieved high engagement rates, ensuring potential customers were well-informed and engaged. High-quality visual content showcased the nightclub’s vibrant atmosphere, making it more appealing to prospective patrons and reinforcing its brand image. 

Digital flexes and revamped menu boards added to the nightclub’s allure, further attracting customers. Effective event promotion and seamless event management led to high attendance and customer satisfaction, establishing the nightclub as a prominent destination in Kolkata’s nightlife scene. 

Overall, the integrated strategies resulted in sustained growth, increased customer engagement, and a strong market presence, positioning the nightclub as a prominent venue in the competitive market.


The client was highly satisfied with the results of our performance marketing efforts. They appreciated the comprehensive approach and the seamless execution of various promotional activities. The increased footfall and enhanced digital presence were particularly highlighted as key successes. The nightclub’s management praised our ability to engage their target audience effectively and create a buzz around their events.

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