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Parenting made simple with innovative solutions!

The Idea

The stroller industry has evolved thanks to the revolutionary Hamilton by Yoop. Hamilton is committed to providing great quality, utility, and style in every product they develop because they have a thorough awareness of the changing needs of modern parents. The website’s large product catalog, which features each stroller with in-depth explanations, high-resolution pictures, and full specifications, was designed to give buyers an immersive experience. The client also wanted to provide an easy-to-use and secure e-commerce platform so that clients could quickly buy their preferred Hamilton stroller from the comfort of their homes, in addition to the product catalog website.

The Hamilton by Yoop stroller exceeds expectations and exhibits a distinct personality, making it the ideal combination of functionality, style, and outstanding quality to experience the joy of parenthood.


  1. 360 Image Rotations: Developing the website with a 360 image rotations feature posed challenges for us, including image capture and processing, managing large file sizes and loading speed, ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers, designing an intuitive user interface, focusing on performance optimization for smooth image rotations, and ensuring cross-browser compatibility.
  2. Custom Cart: Developing a custom cart section for an e-commerce website posed a few technical challenges, including integration with current systems, user experience design, security, compatibility, performance optimization, and ongoing maintenance and updates issues.
  3. Country and IP zone base auto redirection: Implementing country and IP zone-based auto redirection in their product catalog website presented us a challenge as it required precisely determining the user’s location based on their IP address and subsequently automatically redirecting them to the appropriate version or section of the website tailored to their country or region.
  4. Custom Design with Elementor theme builder: The difficulties we had while creating the website with a custom design using the Elementor theme builder included learning how to use the Elementor interface and tools, attaining the needed level of customization, making sure the website would work on various devices, and managing compatibility with other plugins and themes, enhancing performance, and addressing potential conflicts or limitations within the Elementor framework.


1. 360 Image Rotations:

  • Applied image optimization techniques to minimize file sizes and accelerate loading.
  • Compatibility testing and assurance across platforms, browsers, and operating systems.
  • Created a user interface with simple controls and directions.
  • Responsiveness on mobile devices is enhanced, as are touch-friendly gestures.

2. Custom Cart:

  • Seamlessly planned and integrated with the current systems.
  • Emphasis on user-friendly design and simple checkout procedures.
  • Strong security measures for consumer data were implemented.
  • Tested and improved for performance and compatibility.

3. Country and IP zone base auto redirection:

  • To precisely determine user location, trusted IP geolocation databases were used.
  • Handled situations involving VPNs and proxy servers for precise redirection.
  • User choices for manual selection or override were provided.
  • Extensively tested, with gentle error handling.

4. Custom Design with Elementor theme builder:

  • Desired adjustments were expressly stated.
  • Responsiveness across all platforms and screen sizes.
  • Managed plugin and theme compatibility.
  • Performance optimization and ongoing maintenance and updates.

Project Glimpse

Technology Stack





PHP WordPress


  1. The websites’ responsiveness to mobile devices is optimized, offering a fluid rotation experience on smartphones and tablets.
  2. User-friendly designs with high levels of compatibility and speed optimization for a quick and secure shopping experience.
  3. Based on IP addresses, accurate user location detection triggers automatic redirection to the proper website version or content.
  4. The Elementor theme builder helped to achieve customized website designs with the appropriate level of customization.

Overall, the solutions were implemented into measures to develop websites that offer fascinating 360-degree image rotations, a user-friendly custom cart, personalized browsing through auto redirection, and an aesthetically pleasing custom design, giving website visitors to Hamilton by Yoop’s e-commerce website and product catalog website an optimized and pleasurable experience.

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