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Streamlining interior decoration utilizing AR technology!

The Idea

The concept of the Wall Painting App emerged to cater to the needs of customers who wanted to create personalized frames with images for their walls. Everyone has unique interior decor ideas, so customizable frames help decorate their spaces according to their needs.

The Wall Painting Custom Frame app is set to transcend product selection and order processing limitations to enhance the user experience. The core idea is simple: users can select an image, choose a frame, and effortlessly preview it on their wall. With advancing technology, the plan was to design an app to simplify orders, provide accurate product information, and ensure secure online transactions.

Custom Frame, the feature-rich application, aims to revolutionize the user experience by offering something truly exceptional utilizing augmented reality within the application. The concept is to use augmented reality will bring real time visuals within the application, thereby providing users with the flexibility of making apt choices before purchasing.


  1. Bridging the gap between Unity Module and React Native Library: The perfect integration of Unity Module with React native Library is the first obstacle to overcome. Combining these two technologies takes careful bridging because React Native is a well-liked framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications, and Unity is a potent game development engine. To effectively transfer events and data back and forth between the two, an effective communication channel must be established. We had to guarantee stability, performance and continued compatibility with Unity and React native updates.
  2. UI/UX, user flow and navigation design: It brings its own set of problems to develop an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing UI/UX design that provides a seamless user experience. We had to entail imagining the app’s appearance, outline user flows, and create efficient navigational structures. The major difficulty was to maintain consistency while adjusting for varying screen sizes and resolutions across numerous platforms (such as iOS and Android). Additionally, paying close attention to detail is necessary to optimize the app’s speed to create a seamless user experience, particularly during challenging interactions and transitions.
  3. Considering a New Payment Gateway & React Native Package Compatibility for Tap Payment Gateway: It was difficult for us to integrate a new payment gateway into the app because the solution is unusual. Our team was responsible for ensuring adherence to legal requirements and addressing any potential security issues. To comprehend the APIs, security protocols and transaction flows of payment service providers, in-depth investigation and collaboration were required that took us a lot of time to complete.


  1. We utilized a collaborative approach to solving the difficulty of connecting the Unity Module with the React Native Library. Together, our team members extensively examined the code and painstakingly debugged both modules and libraries. We created a reliable communication channel between Unity and React Native by identifying potential problems and areas of incompatibility. This allowed the two systems to cohabit peacefully, ensuring seamless data flow and efficient event processing.
  2. We used a methodical approach to tackle the problem of visualizing a user-friendly UI/UX and creating clear user flows and navigations. We started by conducting extensive research and analyzing user expectations before developing thorough prototypes that represented the app’s interface, functionality, and user experience. We were able to improve the UI components through this iterative process and make sure they matched the app’s functionality and brand identity.
  3. The task of integrating a new payment gateway was eagerly accepted by our development team. Compliance with industry standards and security processes was guaranteed through extensive investigation and testing. While keeping the previous React Native package compatible, we expertly integrated the gateway. The result is a strong and varied payment system that gives customers a simple and safe payment process.

Project Glimpse

Technology Stack


We take pride in completing the Custom Frame application that offers seamless functionality for precise picture framing, ordering and payment. The unique integration of the AR camera module powered by Unity, enabling real-time wall dimension measurement and 3D visualization of photo frames in the app is possible because of our cooperative team.

The application offers seasonal discounts effectively handled using the Admin Panel, which helps in enhancing the app’s appeal and propel commercial success. Order administration, photo frames, bookkeeping, and purchase histories are all simplified by the admin panel. Additionally, it makes it easier to distribute orders among users, manage users, report sales, and create discount coupons for special-season orders. By using this simple program, customers may view their customized frames and photographs in 3D without the need for manual measurements. Enjoy the ease of using a single platform to place orders and have them delivered.

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