Ghost: The Most Reliable WordPress Alternative for Creating Blogs

Ghost: The Most Reliable WordPress Alternative for Creating Blogs

If we ask you about the most popular CMS for blogging, what is the first name that comes to your mind? For most people, the name WordPress has become similar to the CMS they use for creating blogs. The ease of use has given WordPress its fame among the users. Whenever someone thinks about creating a blog, the name WordPress automatically pops on their minds.

While there are other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace and Wix out there, none of them has gained as much popularity as WordPress when it comes to blogging. But now, there seems to be another CMS that can challenge the authority of WordPress and for good reasons. Even though Ghost is here for more than five years, compared to WordPress, this CMS is almost new. So, if you are interested to know the reasons why Ghost can be considered as one of the best blog alternatives of WordPress, keep on reading.

JavaScript and Node.js

Ask any programmer, and they will tell you how enjoyable it is to learn modern programming languages and develop websites with it. Ghost is developed on top of the Node.js with the help of the Javascript programming language. Comparably, the WordPress developers still use PHP for developing the CMS. While both of these two languages are here for a long time now, the JavaScript languages offer more growth opportunities.

Fast and Does Not Need Many Resources

Speed is one of the most frustrating problems of WordPress CMS. While WordPress offers a cheap hosting opportunity, you can, for sure, feel its slowness. While the users do not face the problems of speed that much, for the developers, it becomes a killer.

By comparing the speed of both the WordPress and Ghost, you can easily understand why the developers should choose the latter. If a developer tries Ghost after using WordPress for developing the website, they will get a delightful experience for sure. As opposed to WordPress, changing the page content to publishing can be done in Ghost at lightning speed.

No Plugin

Not having the plugin can be a disadvantage and an advantage depending on the usage of the site. Mostly, plugins feel like a great idea. You just have to click on it to install, and everything starts working pretty smoothly. However, many developers do not like to work with the plugins as they do not know how it works on the code level. Of course, they can read the code of the plugin and then implement it, but it is an extra headache that no one likes to take up.

As a result, the plug-in often springs unexpected complications to the website. It can create clutter and slow your blog down. It can also break pre existing plugins. In the worst case, a plugin can break your blog for good. Unless you have experience in developing CMS, it is very difficult for the administrator to create a good blog that delivers optimized results.

While you do not have any plugin option in Ghost, you can use integration instead. Of course, you would require a bit of coding skill to accomplish that. But if you have the skill, you can integrate CSS, Javascript, HTML or anything that you want. It also assures you that the integration would work smoothly without crashing each other. While it is harder to apply, it also offers you a sturdier and more dependable alternative compared to the WordPress plugins.

Clean UI and UX

Aesthetically, Ghost is sleek. Also, you can navigate within the CMS with ease. The UI and UX of Ghost are exceptional compared to the UI and UX of WordPress. If you compare these two CMS, you will notice that Ghost does not have that many menu options in the admin page. That reduces unnecessary clutter and helps you find factors that you want to change. It makes things less complicated and lets you concentrate on blogging.

The Takeaways

These are some of the major factors that help Ghost to become one of the best alternatives to WordPress. The only problem is, the developers of Ghosts have created it only for blogging. So, if you are thinking about developing a multi-purpose website, then Ghost would not come as handy as you would like it to be. The developers of Matrix Media have superior knowledge and experience of working in both these CMS. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to create a WordPress website or a Ghost blog.

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