How to Use Big Data to Improve Customer Experiences

How to Use Big Data to Improve Customer Experiences

Most of the brands these days know how important customer data can be. To remain on top of the competition, most companies already collect a huge amount of data from their customers. While the purchasing history of the customer can help the businesses, the social media interactions of the customers or the targeted audience can help them reap even more benefits.


Along with that, metrics, like average handling time and the first contact resolution, offer intricate data about the user experience and how the customer interacts with the brand. The problem is, most of these crucial data often stays isolated in different digital silos. If the businesses or marketers can gather all these various data, they can improve the customer experience even more in the future.


Big Data technology can help businesses in this regard. The businesses can use this technology to closely inspect different digital channels and collect the relevant data that enable them to create a better user experience. If you want to know how big data can help you improve customer experience, keep on reading.



Identify the Metrics That Require Improvement



The metrics can indicate a lot about the experience that your customers are having. For example, low first contact resolution rates or the longer Average Handling Time indicate communication issues. They can also mean that something is not going right in your organization which you need to resolve right away. By offering access to these metrics, the Big Data technology enables you to conduct an in-depth analysis and resolve the issues before it creates bigger problems for your organization.



Emotional Connections



When it comes to building a lasting and trusted bond with a brand, the emotion of the customers plays a huge role. You can use Big Data to understand the feelings of the customers and create an emotional bond with them. It would help you to win the loyalty of the customers in the long run.



The data sources can include social media comments, formal surveys and transcripts and any other form of communication between the brand and the customers. The businesses should analyze both qualitative and quantitative data to improve their services and products.



Streamlining Services



Time has become one of the most precious commodities these days. To become a favorite of their customers, the businesses should try to streamline their business processes to save the time of the customers whenever it’s possible. For example, if Big Data analysis shows a higher abandonment rate, the businesses should start a customer call back option to ask for the feedback of the customers. It would help the businesses to improve their services and show the customers that the brand cares about them.



Better Communication



The customer ratings and feedback can also be used for improving the communication channels between the customers and the business. For example, if the customers keep com[laining about the tone of the conversation of the employees, maybe you can concentrate on offering proper training to them.


Enhanced Targeted Marketing



When it comes to targeted marketing practices, the role of big data is undeniable. For example, the clickthrough rates of the marketing emails, messages, and other channels can help you to understand whether you are doing everything right or not. Along with that, geolocation data can help businesses to better target the customers who are near their brick and mortar stores.


Big Data can also help the businesses to improve the in-store shopping experience of the customers significantly. With the right data by their sides, the businesses can share the news of discounts and all the other interesting information to the right customer. All in all, with a customer-centric analysis of the day, you can improve the customer experience in many different ways, which can, in turn, boost your business significantly.



We started this blog to show the businesses how the collected data can be used to improve the customer experience. With the right technology and practices, you can collect massive data and leverage it for the benefit of your customers as well as your business. Now the ball is in your court. If you think Big Data can help your business, then don’t hesitate to give us a shoutout. With an innovative solution, we will help you to manage the data, improve the customer experience and gain over your competitors.


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