Impact of Blockchain on Web Design

Blockchain is constantly evolving and its effects are continuously growing. List of records called blocks are linked together using secured cryptography in a blockchain. In the long-run it has immense scope to transform the way businesses operate.

The concept

Blockchain is a huge database which is managed by a distributed network of participants. Unlike Google or Amazon, blockchains will be managed by all the participants and will be very much de-centralized. It was initially developed for use in the trade of virtual currency Bitcoin but now it has been started to use in various other commercial applications. The authenticity of the data uploaded can be verified by the different participants. It is changing the way of building websites too.

Websites and algorithms

The search engine giant, Google understands the value of collaboration and conversations within any community and thus provides personalized results for our searches. This personalization technique will certainly be used by blockchains to benefit the e-commerce sector. The data from blockchains will be utilized for every search and the most relevant result will be presented to the customer.

Web design and Scope of blockchain

Since it’s still in its nascent stage, web-designers have a huge scope to shape this industry. Using data from blockchains, designers can create highly interactive websites which would be of utmost importance to the audience. Like Google, there wouldn’t be one centralized page; rather a highly interactive experience can be created which will change with changing circumstances.

Designers need to be conscious about using abstraction and analogy. This would be quite a complex issue but it need not be passed on to the users. The complexity needs to be kept in the background and they have to try to use as many concepts and patterns of interactions as possible. Creating an interactive user experience and interface is of utmost importance for them.

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