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A premier application to enhance the safety of customers for nightlife excellence!

The Idea

AngelShot is a comprehensive safety application designed to revolutionize bar security. The system includes dual mobile apps and two admin panels, designed for customers and bar staff that empower users to prioritize safety discreetly. 

This application allows the customers to initiate an emergency SOS signal, instantly notifying bar staff and owners via their respective interfaces. Additionally, customers can initiate an emergency SOS signal through the app, instantly notifying bar staff and owners via their respective interfaces, if they feel unsafe or distressed. The app for bar staff streamlines real-time communication, facilitating prompt responses to distress signals. 

AngelShot, a pioneering safety app, enhances scalability with centralized management, reshaping nightlife standards. It ensures a secure environment, setting a new industry benchmark. This application reflects our commitment to a refined and impactful solution for the safety of all customers.


  1. Implementing live customer location tracking for real-time updates on the staff app and admin portal posed challenges. Precision in location data across diverse devices, networks, and environments required a sophisticated tracking system.

  2. Addressing privacy concerns meant navigating the delicate balance between safety and individual privacy, enforcing robust encryption and access controls in compliance with regulations. Synchronizing real-time customer movements posed another challenge, demanding a resilient backend infrastructure and optimized communication protocols for seamless coordination.

  3. Overcoming these challenges emphasized the necessity for a comprehensive solution that not only prioritizes safety but also ensures privacy and delivers a seamless user experience.


  1. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we employed the Google Maps API as a cornerstone solution to fetch precise real-time location data. This API facilitated seamless integration, offering a reliable and accurate source of location information across diverse mobile devices and environments.

  2. To address the challenge of synchronizing live customer movements, we implemented Web Sockets technology. This allowed for efficient, bidirectional communication between the staff app, admin portal, and customer app, ensuring instantaneous updates. Web Sockets’ low-latency, real-time capabilities enabled the synchronization of location data without constant polling, optimizing resource utilization.

  3. By combining the robust geolocation features of the Google Maps API with the agile communication facilitated by Web Sockets, we achieved a dynamic and responsive system, delivering accurate, real-time customer locations across all applications.

Project Glimpse

Technology Stack

Node JS

Mongo DB

React Native & React JS



Thrilled with the outcomes, the client expresses utmost satisfaction, signaling the green light to implement the system universally across all their bars and partner locations. The successful integration of Google Maps API for real-time location data and Web Sockets technology for seamless synchronization has met and exceeded expectations.

The system’s capability to deliver precise and immediate updates, coupled with its robust backend infrastructure, has instilled confidence in the client regarding its scalability and effectiveness. The impending launch across all establishments underscores the client’s commitment to prioritizing customer safety and elevating their service standards.

Great feedback confirms the system is ready for use everywhere, proving it’s a trustworthy and innovative solution to improve safety and quick response in all bars and partner locations.

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