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Simplifying financial planning with game-changing tools!

The Idea

The concept of this web application came from the interest to revolutionize financial planning by granting Professional Financial Planners comprehensive control and empowering clients to make informed decisions. 

Planners can effortlessly add clients, their family members, plans, and goals, while also incorporating current and proposed investments, aligned with client objectives. Clients access their accounts to review personalized financial summaries. Featuring a suite of calculators, this platform utilizes robust mathematical models and customizable data inputs to project and analyze diverse financial aspects, including savings, investments, retirement, and debt management. 

By providing these tools and insights, this web application equips individuals and businesses with the means to make prudent financial choices, realize their goals, and secure their financial well-being effectively.


  1. Designing the database structure posed a significant challenge due to the intricate flow of data across the entire website. Ensuring seamless communication between different modules, such as client information, family members, plans, goals, and investments, demanded meticulous planning and precision. Each component needed to interact cohesively while maintaining data integrity and security, amplifying the complexity of the task.
  2. Additionally, implementing an array of formulas pertinent to plans, investments, and goals introduced another layer of complexity. These formulas had to accommodate diverse scenarios, considering variables like risk tolerance, time horizons, and financial objectives. 
  3. Ensuring accuracy and reliability across various calculations required thorough testing and validation procedures. Moreover, establishing the linkages between investments and goals further compounded the challenge, demanding a nuanced understanding of client preferences and financial aspirations.


  1. Entity-Based Data Identification: We meticulously categorized data for each entity, including clients, family members, plans, goals, and investments, based on application requirements, ensuring comprehensive data coverage.
  2. Normalization Techniques: Applying normalization, we structured the database to minimize redundancy and dependency issues, improving data integrity and facilitating efficient data management and updates.
  3. Indexing and Scalability: We strategically implemented indexes on frequently accessed columns to expedite data retrieval. Additionally, our database design prioritized scalability, allowing for seamless horizontal or vertical expansion to accommodate future growth while maintaining optimal performance and reliability.

Project Glimpse

Technology Stack

Node JS

Angular (version 16)




The client expresses satisfaction with the application and schedules its launch for March 2024. Anticipating ongoing improvements, they plan to incorporate additional enhancements and release subsequent versions soon. 

This commitment to continuous development by our experts underscores the dedication to providing users with a cutting-edge financial planning solution. By iteratively enhancing the application, it aims to address evolving user needs and deliver an increasingly refined and feature-rich experience to clients and financial planners alike.

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