Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring Any Dedicated Resource

Dedicated Remote Hiring

If you have started to read this article, then you have already understood the importance of hiring a Remote dedicated team. As many companies across the globe are searching to find solutions for all major employee management issues and high costs of infrastructure, the model of dedicated hiring is getting popular.

However, there are many aspects that you should consider before hiring any resource, where you need to be sure about the type of skills for hire. Getting the exact right cultural match of the remote team may be a challenge but there are certain things you still need to check.

  1. Check the team’s portfolio: The very first thing you need to check is all the past projects accomplished by the team. You can check from various platforms, like Behance, to understand their work quality and methodology. By understanding the past work sample, you can have a clear idea of the level of work you can expect and whether that matches your requirement.
  2. Getting the correct communication channel: As communication is the key aspect that will help you maintain the relationship with the remote offshore team, you need to be clear in this aspect. Also, the fact that you need to share vital information with the remote team, the communication channels need to be secured. For direct calls and chats make sure that you are comfortable with the platforms, like Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet, which are some of the most widely used tools for video conferencing.
  3. Time management: You need to define the timelines of your project and ensure that the remote team adheres to the same. Hence, before appointing a task to any remote team you need to verify all tracking tools that will allow you to regularly monitor all activities. Here, it is also important to have a pre-defined timeline as it can help you deal with issues related to time zone differences.
  4. Account Manager: Check if you get an account manager from the hiring company. Not having any account manager can be challenging especially if you hire a large team. A dedicated account manager can help you to have a single point of contact for all issues. The account manager will also be responsible for providing you with all updates and smoothening the entire process for you.
  5. Post Delivery support: Even after getting high-quality project work, you need to get some support after delivery. For dedicated web and app developers, bug issues could be common, which require support from the respective developers. Try to get support for the maximum possible days after project completion. Some companies provide support for 7-10 days while others for one month or even one-year support.
  6. Check team agility: For web or app developers’ projects, the Agile software development process can be quite effective. With the agile approach, you can check the progress of the project at regular intervals and suggest changes as required. It can also help the dedicated developers team to find out any inaccuracies. Hence, selecting a dedicated team with an agile approach can be helpful for you to get work done accurately to your requirement.
  7. Verify the legal aspects: Finally, checking the legal aspects are crucial as it can help you get authorized security for all sensitive information that is shared with the offshore team. Generally, the best way to get legal protection of all your company’s classified information is to get a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by the hiring company and individual team members with your suitable clause.

Hence, to get the best result from the dedicated remote team, it is highly recommended to consider all the above-mentioned factors. The remote offshore team can be equally or even more productive and cost-effective than your in-house team. However, the following factors can ensure that you can get the best project work with no risk of compromising any company information. Check our website and new chose the best plan for Remote team.

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