Strategy or Technology: What Drives Your Companies Digital Transformation

Strategy or Technology: What Drives Your Companies Digital Transformation?

In the last few years, more and more companies are adopting digital technologies to keep up with the changing trends and with their competitors. Even though digital technologies have the power and the ability to reshape companies across various industries, only a handful of them are being able to transform successfully.


Now, why is that?


Studies have shown that most of the companies that fail to adopt the digital transformation is not due to the technologies but due to the cultural and organizational challenges. The level of the maturity of the organization affects the way it reacts to the digital transformation.



Why Technology Should Not Be the Only Focal Point?


While digital transformation depends on technologies, it fully works only when all the various technologies; social, mobile, cloud and analytical; work together to get the best results. To make sure that your company can adopt that fast, you have to build a robust digital strategy that matches the culture of your company and the vision of the leadership.


If you make the changes by keeping only the technologies in focus, it is bound to fail.


The following points might help you to strategize the digital transformation of your company better.


Defined Business Objectives


Often the transformation fails because the organizations focus more on implementing the technologies in their companies. However, they should concentrate more on evaluating the ways the technologies can help to achieve specific business goals.


So, the first step of digital transformation should be to determine the business goals of the company. Based on this, the company should choose the right technologies that benefit their business.


For example, if the business goal is to improve the response time to the customers, then the company should choose technologies that help them to achieve that.


Involve the Insiders to Understand the Technology Requirements


The requirements of every business are different. This indicates that there’s no simple one fits all solution when it comes to digital strategies as well. The company should understand the areas where advanced technologies can be used to boost its growth. There’s no better way to know that than asking the insiders who have the knowledge of what works and what does not.


One of the main reasons why the digital transformation fails for most organizations because most of them don’t seek out the views of the experts involved in the daily operations. So, you need to research the daily workflow and gather intel from the insider before investing any technology.


Automate Most Tedious Tasks


The fear of the employees during digital transformation is quite understandable. The fear of being replaced by the machines is truly unnerving and creates serious unrest among the employees in companies across the world. Indeed, most of the companies use the technologies to reduce the number of employees and the operational costs.


This is one of the biggest problems that digital transformation in different industries is facing today.


The best way to implement the advanced technologies in your workflow is to automate the most tedious tasks first. This will enhance the morale of your employees and they will be able to focus more on other important tasks. This will not only improve your relationship with your employees, but also boost the production of your company.


Adopt an Outside-In Approach to Enhance Customer Experience


The primary goal of digital transformation is to enhance the experience of the customers. So, it is always better to gather intel from the customers to understand their expectations. Rather than blindly following the internal goals of the company, it makes sense to adopt an outside-in approach. You can gather inputs from other stakeholders and agents as well.



Allow Technology to Enhance the Employees’ Output


By implementing digital technology, you can change the ways your employees have worked for years. By implementing advanced technologies, you will be giving them more free time in which they can collaborate and design more works that the machine can do.


Digital transformation allows this type of work perfectly. You can implement the technologies provisionally and they tweak the features to rectify the aspects that do not work as efficiently as you would like. It is always better to have a flat structure that can help your company take decisions quickly.



Digital transformation is still quite new and therefore it is too early to predict the factors that ensure the successful implementation. At best, the experiences of the already successful companies should be kept in mind while planning the strategy. The best way for the companies is to think about their future to pick the most suitable technology for themselves for a successful transformation.

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