Here is why 2D Animation is Still Relevant!

Importance of animation in business is not an ‘in-thing’ as it was very much there! Animation blends ideas and emotions seamlessly to market a business among its audience. Be it for a DVD or a detailed animated movie, animation is germane to business of different types.

However, what made animation ubiquitous over the 2 decades is 2D animation. As the name suggests, it involves the creation of figures and their movements in a 2-dimensional artistic space. And even in the age of 3D, this traditional form of animation still reigns over the industry.

Know the ‘Why’
With the advent of technology, 2D animation is no longer limited to celluloid sheets. Nowadays, 90 percent of animations are made with computer-generated imagery. The process involves the right amalgamation of art and technology at par.

Therefore, this particular form of animation is still a core part of multiple sectors. The skilled artists go beyond the usual to curate animate motions and feelings at once. Some of the major departments that use animation are:

  • Business including e-commerce sites
  • Books
  • Entertainment
  • Education

The list can be exhaustive! The main point is that creative 2D animated videos and illustrations help in brand promotion in a fun and compelling way.

Major Forms of 2D Animation:

1. Motion Graphics
This form of animation is effective for multimedia projects. Software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects are used to create impeccable 2D animation work. The idea is to implement motion sequence with a particular style to meet business needs and requirements.

2. Character Designing
The process of character design entails creativity of the highest level. Experts adept in this field curate each character from scratch for the most versatile means of communication. Such forms of illustrations are apt for books and even websites to attract customers.


  • Quick Communication

2D animation is an amazing way to communicate a purpose to the target audience. Colorful, quirky videos and images can effectively promote a business without losing its primary motive.

  • Improved Influence

Marketers can cap off on 2D animation for better influence in consumers’ decisions. The vibrant themes and other aesthetic aspects can pique interest among customers and also the prospects.

  • Shareable

Undoubtedly, graphics and videos are easy to share. Thus, 2D animation helps businesses to have a bigger outreach which may not be possible otherwise.

One can now easily comprehend the benefits of 2D animation as a promotional and marketing element. We provide 2D-animations for multiple purposes. Contact us for high-quality work.

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