What are Assisted Conversions, and Why Should You Keep Track of Them?

The number of conversions that a specific marketing channel or campaign contributed to, even if it wasn’t the last click that resulted in the conversion, is referred to as assisted conversions in digital marketing. To put it another way, conversions happen when a user engages with several touchpoints during their conversion journey and a certain marketing channel or campaign contributes to that trip.

Understanding assisted conversion may be complicated and difficult at first. However, you need to know that users do not convert into customers overnight. A lot of processes and marketing planning go into it. Some of the common examples of assisted conversion are paid search, direct referral, social media, email marketing, organic search, and many others. Brands need appropriate promotion to become visible among customers in this highly competitive market. The assisted conversions help the users convert into customers by influencing them. All of the channels they engaged with contributed to their conversion.

Importance of the assisted conversions

For instance, a consumer may come across a brand through a social network advertisement, click on a Google search advertisement later, and then make a purchase after clicking on a retargeting advertisement. In this case, even though just the remarketing ad was the last click prior to the conversion, all three touch points—social media ads, Google search ads, and remarketing ads—would be seen as “assisting” in the conversion. The main benefits of these assisted conversions are mentioned below: 

  • It provides a more accurate view of the customer journey. You can better understand the various touchpoints that influence a customer’s journey to conversion by using assisted conversions. You may better understand how your customers are interacting with your brand across different channels by tracking these touchpoints, and you can use this information to decide how to invest your marketing resources. 
  • Optimises your marketing strategy: When you analyse assisted conversions, you gain the capability to determine the channels and campaigns that are contributing to conversions, even if they are not the last touchpoint before conversion.
  • It helps in identifying the value of brand awareness. You will also be able to understand the overall value of your brand as well as its impact across all channels. Even if a certain channel or campaign isn’t generating a lot of last-click conversions, it could nonetheless be playing a crucial role in directing users toward a conversion and shouldn’t be disregarded or discounted for that reason.
  • It evaluates the effectiveness of your marketing channels. Assisted conversions will help you understand the impact of each channel on the customer journey. As a result, you can make informed decisions about how to optimise your campaigns and budget to achieve your ultimate business goals. 

The necessity of tracking assisted conversions

Since assisted conversions offer essential information about the efficiency of your marketing channels and initiatives, it is crucial to monitor them. Even if they are not the final click, you may determine which touchpoints and channels are assisting conversions by analysing your helped conversions. By allocating resources to the channels that are leading to the most assisted conversions and enhancing the overall client journey, this information can assist you in optimising your marketing approach.

Additionally, assisted conversions can aid in your understanding of the significance of your brand’s overall influence and presence across numerous channels. Even if a given channel or campaign isn’t generating a lot of last-click conversions, it can nonetheless play a crucial role in influencing consumers to convert, and for that reason, it shouldn’t be disregarded or discounted.

Even if they are not the final touchpoint, assisted conversions help you determine which channels and strategies are most successful at generating conversions. You may maximise your marketing budget and raise your return on investment by directing resources toward the channels that are producing the most assisted conversions. 

Improved attribution modelling: With the use of assisted conversions, you can create attribution models that are more precise and truly account for the influence of each marketing channel on the customer journey. This can assist you in making wiser choices about how to deploy your marketing budget and boost your campaign’s overall effectiveness.

Impact of assisted conversions on your business

The information they offer about the consumer journey and the efficiency of your marketing channels and campaigns are what make assisted conversions valuable. You can get a better picture of how customers interact with your business across various channels and devices and pinpoint the touchpoints that are most successful at promoting conversions by measuring assisted conversions. One of the main impacts of assisted conversion is that it helps you determine and put together various marketing channels throughout the marketing funnel.  

You can increase sales and revenue for your company by fine-tuning your marketing plan based on assisted conversions. You may raise your overall conversion rate and increase revenue for your company by understanding how various touch points affect the consumer experience.


In conclusion, assisted conversions are valuable because they give you a more thorough picture of the customer journey, help you make the most of your marketing budget, enhance your attribution modelling, and give you important consumer insights. Businesses may make data-driven decisions and improve their bottom lines by keeping track of conversions.

Now that you know the significance of assisted conversions, their functions, and their impact on a brand, it is important for you to focus on assisted conversion. If you are a budding entrepreneur, to take your business to the next level, even in this highly competitive market, you need to take advantage of assisted conversion.

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