Importance of Using Chatbots in A Customer Driven Business

importance of chatbots

The digital advancements have enhanced the demands of the customers from the businesses. According to the experts of the fields, the customers have never been so hard to please these days. Saying that the marketers also never had so many ways to please the customers. Every day, the number of these tools and technologies that are helping the marketers to stay connected to their customers are enhancing. The chatbots are just the latest feather in that crown.

Recent studies have shown that the chatbots are helping the businesses as well as the marketers understand their customers better and solve their queries faster. The researchers of MIT showed that 90% of business is providing faster resolution to the complaints of the customers. As providing the customers with the ultimate experience is the key to success in this customer-driven world, the importance of the chatbots is increasingly becoming higher. If you are still not sure about implementing a smart chatbot for your business website, then read the following section to understand its importance in the customer-driven business model.

Advantages for The Customers

Chatbots are nothing but AI-driven assistants that manage different requests of the customers 24/7. The instant response of the chatbot on behalf of the business satisfies the customers and helps to enhance the conversion rate substantially.

The main advantages that the chatbots offer to the customers are as follows:

24/7 Support”: Depending solely on the customer support team for helping the requirements of the clients does not seem to be feasible nowadays as the customers are demanding assistance beyond the business hours. The chatbots can help you in solving this problem. It can offer an instant response to the requests of the customers and enhance customer satisfaction.

Instant Answers

Most customers these days don’t want to wait for the answers to their queries. Any waiting period can leave them dissatisfied resulting in loss of potential customers. Chatbots ensure that the customers receive instant answers to their queries.

Orders and Bookings: Studies have shown that 47% of the customers would order an item with the help of a chatbot. Hence the businesses can use the chatbots to automate their order booking process to gain better profits for their business.

Chatbots for The Businesses

Along with providing continuous assistance to the customers, the chatbots can impact positively on your business in the following ways.

Better Lead Generation

Most businesses these days prefer to operate in omnichannel models. They communicate with customers through different social media channels and their websites. The chatbot can help the businesses to communicate with the customers effortlessly. It can help the business communicate with the customers through personalized messaging throughout their purchasing journey.

The recommendations and suggestions of the chatbots also help the customers to make a quick decision about their purchases. With the help of the preset questionnaire, the chatbot converts the visitor of your site or social channels into potential prospects. It can also nurture the potential leads to through personalized recommendations and discounts.

Save Customer Service Costs

Reports said that businesses spend up to $1.3 million to offer customer support to their clients. While the chatbots cannot yet replace your entire customer support team, they can help you reduce the cost as much as 30%. Implementing the chatbots for your business is an investment that helps your business to optimize the costs for customer services.

With the help of the chatbots, you can scale the support during the busy hours of the day and automate the routine business process. Depending on the changing requirements of the customers, you can also enable a new customer service model to your chatbots. All of these can be done without spending an enormous amount of money.

Better Customer Engagement

There is no need for pointing out how important a role the customer engagement plays for your brand. The studies showed that the businesses that engaged their customers better have also benefited from an increased customer spend. With the right type of engagement, you can enhance the customer spend by 20% to 30%.

The real-time conversation, the fast reply and the personalized solutions and suggestions all help the customers to lean towards your brand. By talking to your customers in real time, the chatbots will become the ultimate presentative of your brand to your audience. It will not only placate your customers but also provide them with better options to engage with your business in future as well.

Save Time With Bots

For the businesses, time is money; and chatbots help you to save a lot of time. By providing the first level support to your customers the chatbots empower your business. Not only that, but it also filters the queries of the customers and sends the chosen few requests to your customer care service providers. It not only enables your customer care team to function better, but it saves a lot of time and hassle for you as well. According to the studies, businesses would be able to save up to $8 billion by 2022 with the help of the chatbots.

By improving the time taken for answering the queries of the customers, the chatbots improve the productivity and efficacy of your company. It also helps you to reduce the manpower and operational costs and save time.


Businesses that provide customers with support with live agents often could not estimate the requirements of the professionals. Even if they manage to calculate the number of professionals, hiring new agents, maintaining costs, infrastructure costs, and a huge loss of time. Smart chatbot can improve the situation significantly. It can simultaneously manage thousands of different conversations without making any mistakes at any point. It does not matter how many potential clients are reaching out to your business, the chatbots can handle all of them

There are plenty of benefits of chatbots across different businesses. Installing the right chatbot not only helps your business to achieve better customer satisfaction it will impact the bottom line of your business positively as well. Our smart chatbot search 360 will help your business flourish. Get in touch with our professionals to know more about our smart system.

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