Must Have Elements of an e-commerce Application

The E-Commerce industry has expanded by leaps and bounds in the last few years and has already created a staggering customer base. Clothing, accessories, tech gadgets, electronics, personal care, even groceries, you name it and you will find it online. The wide variety of products combined with the scarcity of time that most people suffer from can be attributed to the success of the E-Commerce sites. The customers are now comfortable with selecting the products, adding it to the cart and getting it home delivered in a few days. Since it is such a lucrative field, more and more sites are coming up everyday to cater to the customers. So, if you are the proud owner of an online store you will know that your customers are many, but so are your competitors. To make your business flourish and make it even more popular you need to add some extra zing to site. You have to make your site more user-friendly and showcase your best. Here are a few simple steps that will help you attract and retain more consumers and increase the profitability.
  • Create a catchy innovative logo
A logo is the symbol of your company, so you need something that the customers can associate with and retain. Have a talk with your designers and ask them to make your logo catchy and attractive. You should also make the logo pretty visible.
  • Create an impressive home page
The home page plays a vital role in creating the first impression. You can place the most popular and branded products here. Brands are in themselves crowd pullers and they give the site an impression of being a serious and quality store.
  • Attractive promos and deals
Promos, discounts and deals are a sure shot way to attract the customers. If the customers like your offers they will not only buy the products themselves, but also recommend it to others. Another crowd puller is the free shipping option. Most customers get turned off by the extra money they have to pay for the shipping. So, even if they are given discounts on the products they might not take up the deal because of the logistic charges.
  • Updated products and news
Many customers look for these newly launched products on the website. But, hardly anyone has the patience to go through the full inventory to find the product they want. You can put up a section on the homepage and list the new products. The customers will be able to find them and purchase them easily.
  • User-friendly website
This is a very essential part of any successful E-Commerce website. The tools must be placed strategically and category tabs must be added for browsing ease of the customers. The search box, cart and login option must be put on the upper right hand corner since the customers always look for these tools there.
  • Social Media
You cannot ignore the role of social media in marketing and promoting your brand. Twitter and Facebook are the ideal places for promotions. You need to create and account in both these platforms and make promos. You will surely reap more profits from this.
  • Customer care
Since online shopping is a fairly recent trend, many customers may not be totally comfortable with the entire process. You need a proper ‘contact us’ page and live chatting service for the ease of the customer. If the customer receives friendly and helpful service, they will start trusting your site.
  • More than one payment option
You should include the more than one payment options like credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery. You should also have payment systems like Paypal, google checkout , etc. The easier you make it for the customers the more satisfied they will be with your service.
  • Timely delivery
One of the biggest concerns of the customers with online shopping is timely delivery of the product. You need to team up with reliable logistics partners and make sure that the customers receive undamaged products within the estimated time. To become a successful e-entrepreneur you need to follow these steps among others and grow your brand and earn your customer’s loyalty.

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