Top 3 Testing Platforms used by Mobile Application Testers

Testing Platforms used by Mobile Application

With the complexity surrounding the mobile apps, testing of mobile applications for ensuring the functionality, usability, consistency and security if of key importance. The apps are meant to be run across various devices which have different dimensions, various network connectivity and a varied base of operating systems. All these variants demand serious software testing and quality check. These checks are carried out using software testing and automation tools. Following are few tools which are used for mobile application testing:


One of the most popular tools used for testing is Appium. The ease with which it can be implemented makes it a top choice among the testers and developers. It’s an open-source tool that allows to automation of native, mobile web and hybrid applications on both Android and iOS platforms. One of the major features of Appium is that Safari is supported on iOS and Chrome or any built-in browser app on Android. It makes Appium a cross-platform automation tool and that allows the user to test on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows using the same API. It lets the code to be reused among iOS, Android and Windows test suites.


The leverage that SeeTest has is its ability to continuously test mobile and web applications. Because it integrates smoothly with open source tools in the industry, mainly Appium and Selenium, testers prefer this platform to run the tests on a wide range of mobile devices and web browsers as the turnaround time is faster. It also helps to create tests in an efficient manner and the speeds are on upgraded versions of open source tools.


This is a tool offered by Cisco to monitor the performance of the applications and for getting updates which are real-time and used for end-to-end management of applications. Factors like application mapping, dynamic base-lining and diagnostics at code-level are dealt with its
Application Performance Management (APM) tool. This platform also enables a check on the mobile’s performance, thus ensuring customer experience. Real-time visibility is also offered to the users on iOS and Android platforms.

With the quick progression of mobile app testing, the need and challenges in the field are increasing ever more and using these tools enable the issues to be resolved faster and more efficiently. However, implementing the tools requires experience and use of a sound strategy.

Here, at Matrix Media, we have a team of testers who are highly efficient and experienced in testing the apps created. So, you can be rest assured about the quality of the apps developed here.

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