Feature-Rich E-Commerce Apps: How Important Are They?

When it comes to the total web traffic, it has been noticed that smartphones are overtaking desktop devices. Nowadays, smartphones have shown potential to be much more than what they have been used for in the last few decades.

One aspect of smartphones that are brimming with possibilities is the sphere of mobile applications. The last couple of years have witnessed mobile apps proposing and introducing new trends and features every few weeks.

Why Should a Business Have a Feature-Rich App?

With the growing number of applications in the app store, the current concern of e-commerce businesses is to get noticed. People no longer want to walk around dozens of stores at shopping malls when they can check out entire collections on their smartphones. Here are some ways in which having a unique feature-rich app can help businesses:

  • They create a unique and authentic shopping experience
  • The creative features enhance usability of the app
  • User experience is made better and thus attracts more attention
  • Satisfied users will keep coming back, thus bringing success for the business

Introduction of AR and VR in Shopping Apps

AR and VR are set to gain importance in apps in the near future. Earlier, virtual reality was only imagined for gaming platforms but it has now expanded into the e-commerce industry. The idea of having a real life shopping experience while sitting at home will attract many users.

Customers can not only browse items and buy them online, but they can experience how the product will look in reality before choosing it. Augmented Reality will also be beneficial to attract users to online commerce.

Virtual Wallets Have Revolutionized Online Payments


The integration of a mobile wallet into the app is a genius move. Users can now use their credit points and balance to shop for items online without worrying about tedious payment processes. Wallets have made buying and even returning products extremely convenient.

Importance of a Pleasing User Interface

Every feature of the app must have the “wow” factor which doesn’t only make it attractive but also easy to use. User interface is much like the first impression which helps the user decide if they will use the app any further. Needless to say, the user interface must have attractive and fun features.

With the rapid rise in app usage globally, retail businesses all over the world are going online. Everyone wants a piece of the e-commerce cake. However, in order to be successful, an e-commerce business must not only have an interactive app, but one that is full of responsive and unique features.

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