Responsive Design: Faster Loading Times, SEO Benefits and More

Responsive design has become the most popular type of web design in recent years. Contrary to popular belief, this design is by no means a new development. In fact, it has existed for years. However, its true potential began to be understood only after mobile devices began to be increasingly used for accessing the web.


What Is Responsive Design?
In simple terms, responsive design is a design technique for sites. This design is capable of reacting to the size of the screen in which the site is being viewed. As a result, the webpages become flexible causing them to be optimized for the screen. The layout of the webpage is automatically adjusted to the screen, allowing the user to have a good experience irrespective of the device being used to view the page.

Why Go for Responsive Design
The main reason for choosing responsive design is to make your site suitable for viewing on mobile devices. As per statistics, mobile data traffic across the world increased by 74% in 2015. It has also been estimated that by 2018, almost 2.6 billion people or a third of global consumers will be using a smartphone.

This means, your site is going to be viewed by mobile users increasingly. What will they see if your site is not responsive? Your site will become tedious to use resulting in a poor user experience. Will they be visiting your site again anytime soon? Most probably, they will not.

Surveys show that 65% of consumers consider display to be the most important aspect of enjoying content. Moreover, around 8 out of 10 consumers will stop engaging with a site if it was not rendered properly on the device being used.

This is not all. There are several more reasons why you need a responsive design.

Enjoy Faster Loading Times
These days, consumers have short attention spans. This is particularly true for mobile consumers. According to statistics, 47% of users expect webpages to load in just 2 seconds or less. More importantly, 40% of users will abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds for loading. For an e-commerce site, even a delay of 1 second can result in potential losses of over $2.5 million each year due to lost sales.

In short, you need to pay attention to how fast your site loads. Responsive design makes this much easier to ensure.

There Is More
Responsive design is capable of providing several additional benefits such as the following.

Google now considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. As such, responsive designs provide SEO benefits.
Due to the better experience provided, the bounce rate is reduced.
Similarly, the conversion rates will be increased.
Responsive designs decrease the site maintenance needs.

To enjoy all of these benefits, you should consider hiring an experienced and professional web development company. Matrix Media is a thoroughly competent web design and web development company that can deliver amazing responsive designs as per your specifications.

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