What Everyone Should Learn About E-Commerce Design

tips on ecommerce design

Modern problems require modern solutions. This meme couldn’t have been more true than in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic literally forced everyone to change how they did business. In a world where physical or approximate contact was prohibited, e-commerce was an instant solution.


An Informative Partnership


However, not everybody knew how to go about making this important transition. This is one of the reasons why teams like ours became highly sought after. Our most recent collaboration for example, was with a jewelry supplier that needed an online presence in order to continue doing business.


We worked on the project for approximately five months and they rewarded us with a five star Clutch review for our trouble.

It was during this partnership that we discovered some rudimentary aspects of e-commerce design that people aren’t aware of. We’ll be talking about some of these points today.


Always Keep Mobile Ready


One of the common factors that unite the top e-commerce developers are their understanding of the importance of designing for mobile. Roughly half of all internet traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices, and experts project them to surpass desktop traffic in the very near future.


One way of taking advantage of this projection is by developing an app that specifically takes advantage of all the benefits of mobile devices. This is exactly what we did for our jewelry partner and they now have a constant presence in their customers closest device.


Design Ahead Of Everything


Lists that include top agencies often cite creativity in design as their most prominent traits and assets for success. While technical backend issues should warrant much consideration from the development team, there’s no denying the power of an intuitive frontend design.


E-commerce, more than any other platform, relies on fostering the customer journey and avoiding anything that can disrupt it. This means providing as much pertinent information on each item as possible, removing barriers to checkout, and (if technology allows) purchase tracking.


A lot of things go into creating an e-commerce platform, many of which fly under the radar even by those that want to take advantage of it. We love talking about these exact topics, and encourage anyone to reach out to us if they want to enlighten themselves on the nuances of the industry.

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